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I and my husband had our Sharp Aquos on our mantle for three weeks looking for a LCD Installation company who would install it at a good rate. We had decided that we were not going to pay almost the same amount for installation that we paid for the LCD, besides it didn’t look so bad sitting on the mantle! I was on my laptop and “Googled” “Install LCD” and bam there they were! I figured after all the high prices we ran into I might as well try this company too. I was soooo impressed by the pricing they gave me over the phone and the attitude of the dispatcher I scheduled an appointment without talking to my husband first. Of course my husband was skeptical but after the work was done without a hitch, we’re both glad we called Install LCD!

-Heather D. – Orland Park, IL


After having *********** out to install out flat screen on my bedroom wall I noticed it was not level. I called the installer over three times before he came out to fix the problem. When he came out he said he fixed the problem but I told him it was still not straight. He told me he would have his manager come out and take a look at it, and he left and we still haven’t heard from the manager.  We had Install LCD out and they fixed the issue within one hour! To this day we still haven’t heard from *********** and we got the run around every time we called.

(*Company name was removed by Install LCD*)

– Roger J. – Chicago, IL


I had been calling around looking for a TV installation company who did it all and I found it in two places. Install LCD and another place, I won’t mention. What set Install LCD ahead of them was their pricing. After that, I was impressed on how they were able to advise me where to get the LCD I wanted, set a schedule within my busy work schedule, do all of the work, and clean up like they wasn’t ever there without a single issue!
Thanks Install LCD, you’ll get many referrals from me!

– Theodore M. – Munster, IN

Install LCD came out to install our projector in our office.  The two me Steve & Shaun did a very professional job and was in and out in a flash! So fast I and my employees were looking for flaws or issues and it’s been 2 weeks now and it is GREAT!

-Charles G. – Tinley Park, IL


Great Job Install LCD – My plasma looks good over my mantel!

– Megan P. – Olympia Fields, IL

I contacted three companies to have my LCD installed on my wall but because of the type of bricks that’s on my wall not one of them wanted to place my LCD where I wanted it. I contacted Install LCD and had Shaun out to take a look at it and I was thinking, ok let’s see what this guy is going to say! Well he had the same outcome, “Sorry but you can’t put a LCD on that wall, because the bricks are too uneven”. But, then he added, “But I have an alternative”. He wanted to have a pole come out of my ceiling and place the LCD on the pole! I thought he was CRAZY! After my husband came home and I explained it to him, he understood the concept ALOT more! Shaun emailed me pictures of some installations that were like this in a residential setting and then I started to get the idea. We had the crew come out and install the LCD and it looks great! They put the pole so close to the wall that I still got the effect of it being on the wall. This idea and process was ingenious! I or none of the other guys who came out had no clue that this was a possibility! I’m glad I called Install LCD! I wish I would have called them first!

– JoAnn F. – Frankfort, IL


I have to be honest here, when I called and described to the representative what I wanted to do and she said that my job description was their “Platinum Complete Installation” I was skeptical. The reason I was skeptical is because I was on the website at the time and that looked like their most expensive service. Well I still had the Rep. Shaun come out anyway and he quoted the job. I thought it was a little pricy so I didn’t jump on board and decided to get a couple more quotes. I got three more quotes and found that Install LCD was 1/3 less expensive than the others! Needless to say the crew was scheduled to come out they came on time, completed the installation and took extra time to clean up! I now feel I got a great deal and will be using them in the future whenever I have any more work in their field available!

-Clarissa M. – Markham, IL